Indian Rock

The trip follows part of the route taken in 1869 by a great pioneer, Major John Wesley Powell, during his epic exploration of this continent's last uncharted wilderness.

In the calm stretches, wildlife abounds! As the oar-powered rafts quietly float through Lodore Canyon you may see deer, water fowl, beaver, and desert bighorn sheep. Plus, you will marvel at the Indian rock art carvings, remarkable geologic formations, and revel in the pristine, untouched, remote river setting.

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Several challenging rapids

with colorful names such as "Hells Half Mile", "Disaster Falls", and "S.O.B.", lie hidden between the sheer cliffs of Lodore. We consider this trip to be a great inflatable kayaking adventure!

Dinosaur National Monument

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Travel to the wilderness and see the breathtaking beauty of the Dinosaur National Monumenton your next river rafting and inflatable kayak trip. Plan your vacation to the Gates of Lodore Canyon on the Green River in Utah!

See the spot often credited with the birth of the modern American environmental movement. This pristine canyon system was once in danger of disappearing beneath the watery depths of a major reservoir. Throughout the 1950s, conservation groups fought against a proposed dam at Echo Park that would have forever drowned both Yampa and Lodore canyons

Public exposure to the area thru early commercial river rafting trips on the Green and Yampa rivers helped to inspire the movement that saved Dinosaur. Many of those who floated the rivers were forever motivated to partake in the struggle to preserve them for future generations. Their eventual success brought Dinosaur National Monument to the attention of the country and helped kick-start the nascent American environmental movement. We have the early river runners of Dinosaur National Monument to thank for the protection many of America's wildest places now enjoy!

Who knows what inspirations you may find in these same beautiful and remote canyons. Be sure to make your vacation reservations early for this very special rafting trip and inflatable kayaking adventure to Yampa River!

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